The Essence of Time

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Time is of essence. What does this mean? Does it mean that time is precious? Must we value time?

How should we make full use of our time? How about others’ time? These are questions to consider.

Picture this scene: You make an appointment with your friend to watch a movie that you have been really excited about watching. You anxiously wait outside the cinema for ten whole minutes, yet to no avail. Only then, after missing the first part of the movie, does your friend message you and says that he cannot make it.

You might be able to picture this scene very well. This could be because you have experienced it yourself many times before! If you have never been held up by others before, chances are, you are lying. Did you like the feeling? How frustrated were you?

Now think about yourself. Have you ever wasted others’ time before? How do you think the person felt about it? We do not want other people to waste our time, so let’s not waste others’ time either.

There are 86400 seconds in a day. Let’s all make these count and not waste time.