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It has been recently announced in the newspapers that one in nine adolescents is being bullied. Online. This is a very high rate. Sometime ago, it was also announced that Singapore has the second highest rate of cyber bulling. Considering that we are a very small country with a small population, this is very dangerous and has to be stopped.

Cyber bullying is the most common form of bullying – the other three being physical, verbal and social. In cyber bullying, a bully usually uses platforms like twitter, facebook and instagram etc. to post nasty comments about the victim. This hurts the victim emotionally and socially.

A victim of cyber bullying may undergo extreme stress, have recurring headaches or self-harming behaviour. This can be extremely dangerous.

However, it is relatively easy to deal with cyber bullying. For example, you can “unfriend” the person or block him. However, this is not a reason to bully others online.

Therefore, I think that cyber bullying – and all other kinds of bullying – has to be stopped.


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