Should there be a price for service?

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Is it necessary for service charge to be present in our everyday lives? Think about cafes, restaurants etc. Most would provide service charge. After all, it is not everyday you see a posh restaurant requiring self-service. However, some people are unhappy about service charge, stating that the service is not good enough, or worthy of […]

The Essence of Time

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  Time is of essence. What does this mean? Does it mean that time is precious? Must we value time? How should we make full use of our time? How about others’ time? These are questions to consider. Picture this scene: You make an appointment with your friend to watch a movie that you have […]

Fast, Good and Cheap

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Is it possible to have all three qualities in our daily life? Will things we gain have all these three qualities? Decide based on your experiences. Think about food you have purchased, services you have engaged or work you have done. Do any of these fit all three criteria? Overall, Fast + Good = unlikely […]


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It has been recently announced in the newspapers that one in nine adolescents is being bullied. Online. This is a very high rate. Sometime ago, it was also announced that Singapore has the second highest rate of cyber bulling. Considering that we are a very small country with a small population, this is very dangerous […]